This was a dream came true: my Erasmus+ last week in Rome!

Ciao everyone, it’s me, Carolina.

The final week unfortunately arrived! It was the happiest one for some of us, but the saddest one for the others, like me. Because it was the start of the month, most of the companies were in a rush. In my case, I worked as hard as I could because I wanted to help them.

On Monday, because I didn’t have all the gifts I wanted, me and Daniela after our internships, went to the Piazza di Spagna and Fontana di Trevi to buy the rest of the things. After walking around, we realized that that was going to be perhaps the last time we would pass there. Instantly we got very sad because these places are so amazing and beautiful that it is very hard to leave behind.

On the next day, after the internship, our teachers had dinner in our place. We made the famous Bruschetta, an Italian appetizer that is served before the main dish. It consists on a piece of toasted bread, olive oil and fresh tomatoes.

Dinner with the teachers Erasmus plus

Dinner with the teachers

I thought it would be amazing to give a little Portuguese sweet to the workers in Cesfor. So, because of that and after my research, I found a half Portuguese, half Italian restaurant in the Vatican and I bought a Pastel de Nata for each of them. In the next day, which was my last official working day in the company, I gave them the sweets and they loved it. I really enjoyed seeing them tasting something from my culture and in that moment, I felt very happy.

On Friday, everyone had said goodbye to everyone in their internships except me, because in that day we had the final meeting with Cesfor. Compared to the previous ones, this was the busiest. After the final conversation, we went out and took a picture with Gloria, the person who was responsible for us, and also my internship supervisor.

Cesfor and the ETEO group

Cesfor and the ETEO group

I’ve never thought that it would be so hard to say goodbye to them, but as soon as we took the picture, I realized that that was the end and I immediately began to cry. They saw me and hugged me right away. It was an awful feeling, but also a very good one because in that moment I knew that they would be in my memory and in my life forever.

Erasmus+ Cesfor Incoming

Me with Flavia, Gloria and Valentina

 After leaving the meeting and saying goodbye to everyone we went home. We made the last meal at the house and then started to clean. We cleaned all the apartment in the afternoon and then packed the rest of our things.

In the evening we decided to have the last dinner with the teachers at a restaurant close by, named La Piazzetta. It’s funny because we looked for inexpensive restaurants, but always went far away, and right next door we had an amazing and cheap one.

So, the last day arrived and at least for me it was a very unhappy day. I was sad to leave all those beautiful places and landscapes. I was sad to leave the apartment. I was sad of not living with my friends anymore. But the main reason, I was sad to leave all the remarkable people I had to opportunity to know.

On Saturday morning we all got in the cars and went to the airport. This day was very exhausting because of the rush packing up the things and try not to forget anything; the goodbyes we had to say; the waiting part at the airport; the part when we caught the plane and the landing. We did so much in only one day.

After some turbulence, around 5 p.m. we finally landed in Portugal. All the excitement of seeing our families and friends and all the sadness of leaving a wonderful place and incredible people.

ETEO's arrival in Portugal

ETEO’s arrival in Portugal

I feel like I created a strong attachment to this place and to the people who I’ve worked with. They were always so nice and very fun. This was the best experience of my entire life. This was a dream came true and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to go to this amazing country with such a culture and such a beauty. This place made me feel alive and made me enjoy life more. My routine changed so much after this and I’m very, very happy that this happened in my life.

After seeing and talking with my family at home, I felt like I could easily come back to Rome. But one thing I know for sure… I want to go back someday!

So, this is the goodbye… for now!!!

By Carolina Luis, Portugal



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