The internship, the Escape Room and a time for shopping

Ciao Everyone

A new week arrived and as always, it was time to wake up early and go to the companies. I personally don’t mind to wake up early because I know that throughout the day I’m going to enjoy every second in Cesfor, which is where I’m interning, if you didn’t know already.

Well, this week was fun but also a little exhausting. On Tuesday, we had some girls from another apartment over for dinner and on Thursday, we went to their house for dinner. And finally on Friday we went to another one of the apartments for dinner. We choose to do this because with the internship, it becomes harder to see everyone on the daily basics, so once in a while, we gather in one apartment for dinner for example. As the mobility is almost over, we try as much as possible to have fun together and to enjoy every moment while we’re still here.

Erasmus+ in Rome

Friday Dinner

On Saturday morning I slept in a little bit and stayed at home all morning. In the afternoon myself and Daniela went to the multimedia/management/tourism apartment and we all went to the Porta di Roma Shopping Center. It is a little far away from where we live, but I think it was worth it. We got to know a different place with a different landscape. This mall is absolutely huge. It has lots of different stores and restaurants, but my favorite store that I went to was the Disney Store because to me it’s like heaven.

In the same day and after I got back from the shopping center, me, Beatriz, Sofia, Laura e Ana Rute went to Bruna’s internship, the Yellow Hostel, to do the famous Escape Room. For those who don’t know, an Escape Room is basically a game where the players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues to complete the objectives at hand. Our goal was to get out of the room in less than 1 hour by discovering a code to open the door. Unfortunately we didn’t make to the final code, but we had so much fun. The people there are really, really nice and made us feel good and comfortable. That day was an absolute adventure because when we left the hostel, it was pass midnight so we had to walk home because there weren’t any public transports at that time.

Escape Room Night

Erasmus+ in Rome

After some research, I discovered that the Vatican museum is free on the last Sunday of each month which was amazing to us, so we all agreed to go to there. When the day arrived, I was very sick, so I decided to stay at home resting and I didn’t make it to the Vatican, but the others went and they loved it.

Another week flew by so fast and every day we are closer to come back to Portugal. I know that some of us can’t wait to go back, but personally, in my heart, I feel like I’m going to miss this a lot. With this experience I had the opportunity to know new people and I think that is what I will miss the most when I leave. But without getting sentimental, we still have two weeks ahead of us, so let’s enjoy the present and not think about the future.

By Carolina Luis, Portugal



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