Fun, new things to learn, amazing places to visit: Carolina’s second week in Rome

Ciao, it’s Carolina again.

Well, to get to know us a little bit better, we are divided in 4 different apartments, 3 in Trastevere and 1 close to the Vatican. Our houses are very rustic and have old appearance. Everyone has a different schedule so it’s a little hard to meet, but we try to do it anyways. We are a group of 20 people, which only 3 are boys and the rest are girls. Besides that, I think we are a very good group. Everyone speaks with everyone, and we all have fun together. Of course there’s always the ups and downs, but that’s normal, because we are not used to live together.
So, in the first weekend by ourselves, we went exploring, of course. Some of us went to the Piazza Di San Pietro or more known for Vatican, the others went to another magnificent place. We walked for hours, but it was amazing. In that way, it is possible to see every detail, even if it’s just a simple wall or a window. Everything is beautiful here. The monuments and their amazing history, the streets, the landscape… Everything!
On Sunday, it was Gabriel’s birthday, so we went out for lunch. We all talked with each other and took pictures. In the afternoon we walked around once again and for our surprise, we found some Portuguese. But not any Portuguese. We met two girls from Caldas da Rainha as well. It was amazing! They were very nice and we helped them with the transports and all of that fun things.

Gabriel's Birthday Erasmus + in Rome cesfor incoming

Gabriel’s Birthday

Monday arrived and it was time to catch our public transportations and go to work. In my perspective, this experience has been very enriching because I can not only know and explore a new city, but also know new working methods and meet new people.
To me, the week flew away. When I like what I’m doing time goes trough very fast, which sometimes is not good, but the only thing that matters is that I enjoyed it. At the end of the week all of us were very tired but also excited because of the plans we had for the weekend.
On Saturday, at 9:30 a.m. everyone was outside of the subway station of the Coliseum, waiting for our tour guide, Francesca. We went inside the Colosseo and right away I was mind blown. It’s so gorgeous inside, as it is on the outside. She told us its history and that made me think a lot. I found out that the name everyone knows is not the original name of the monument. The Coliseum is actually called Flavian Amphitheatre, because of the Flavian dinasty, which was composed by three emperors. Back then, it was used for many things, like gladiatorial contests and it could hold about 65.000 people. The thing that not only amazes me, but also makes me sad is that this enormous and amazing building was built in 8 years, yet by slaves.

The morning went by and I was still very overwhelmed by its history. When we got out of the coliseum, some of us went home and the others went out for lunch. In the afternoon we walked a little bit in a place we haven’t walk before and then went home to rest.

On Sunday morning, at 10:30 a.m. all of us were outside the subway station of the Coliseum, once again. This time we went to the Palatine, the most ancient part of Rome. Excavations showed that people have lived in the area since the 10th century BC. We also saw the Roman Forum, which is right below the palatine. For centuries the Forum was the center of day-to-day life. Francesca, our tour guide, was very, very nice, like we expected and taught us a huge amount of history. After the visit, we said goodbye and thank her for the amazing explanation. We had the afternoon free, so we explored a little bit more.

Erasmus Plus in Rome Palatine Cesfor Incoming

Francesca and the group in the Palatine

Well, the second week was very productive and fun. We learned a lot of things and saw a lot of new spots. Yet, we all have much more places to visit and much more pictures to take!
By Carolina Luis, Portugal.



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